A Wide Variety of Music Stand Lights to Choose

A music stand light is a necessity for any musician, whether they are professional and play to a packed theatre every night, or if they simply enjoy playing at home. If you do not have enough natural light to see your music score correctly, then you really do need a music stand light.
Playing music with music stand lights is easily achievable and affordable, as there are many different types of music stand lights on the market. Many of the lights can be used either plugged into an electric socket or via battery, so you have greater flexibility in where you play. Obviously, if you plan to play at home, having the music light plugged in is fine, but if performing at a concert, then a fully charged music stand light is a good option. Most music stand lights today are clipped on to the music stand in a variety of different formats. It also appears that most lights for music stands are comprised of LED lights, so they are incredibly bright, yet energy efficient, as well as being able to use for many hours between charging.

Here are some music stand lights for you to consider.
The TGI music stand lamp – is a light that can be used as either a plug in light or via batteries. There are nine LED lights, so it is incredibly bright. It is also made with a large clamp, so it can be used with most types of music stands.

The Tiger Dual Head music stand light – comes equipped with two flexible LED bulbs on what appears to look like stalks. This gives greater flexibility as they can be placed exactly where you want your music score to be lit. You may well choose to have two separate areas of the score lit. The music stand comes with a useful USB attachment so that it can be charged via a computer or laptop. It can also be clipped straight onto the music stand.

The Tiger Orchestra music stand light – comes with ten LED bulbs, so is extremely bright. This means that both pages of your music score will be adequately lit. The light works either via the mains or by the battery. The bulbs which operate via one long rectangular area of the stand, are suspended over your music stand on a flexible ‘neck’.

K & M Twin Headed music stand light – is another flexible double light music stand, which are incredibly popular at the moment. Once again the direction of light can be angled to exactly where you need it on your music score. Each head has four LED bulbs. It is clipped onto the music stand and with its reach of 20mm, can be attached to pretty much any music stand.

The Crafty Gizmos multifunction music stand light Рcomes equipped with its own adapter and can be used via batteries. The light itself is wide and with ten LED lights it is certainly good for the job. The light can also be repositioned to exactly the right sort and has two light settings, useful if you want the light a little dimmer.
The Stagg music stand clip on light – once again has two flexible lights on stalks. The beauty of this music stand light is that each stalk can be powered separately, so it makes this product extremely cost effective and energy efficient.
There really is a wide array of the music stand lights out there to suit any budget and need. All though seem to be extremely flexible and powered by LED lights.  Shop Google, Amazon, and Ebay for all of these brands.